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Mortgage Payment Calculator - Click Here

Calculate how your mortgage payments will fluctuate under different down payment scenarios, mortgage rates and amortization periods. Use our mortgage rate selector to select the best current mortgage rates.

Affordability Calculator - Click Here

Determine how much you can afford based on your income and expenses and the funds you have available for a down payment, as well as the upfront cash required to cover closing costs. While closing costs such as Land Transfer Tax (LTT) and legal fees are a one-off expenditure, living expenses like heat and hydro will be incurred throughout the life of your mortgage.

CMHC Insurance Calculator - Click Here

Mortgage default insurance, otherwise known as CMHC insurance, is mandatory in Canada for down payments between 5% and 19.99%, which are known as high-ratio mortgages. It is calculated as a percentage applied to your total mortgage amount. Compare CMHC rates across down payment amounts.

Land Transfer Tax Calculator - Click Here

Find out your provincial land transfer tax. Land transfer taxes vary by province, and an additional municipal tax is levied by Toronto. First-time home buyers in Ontario and British Columbia, however, are eligible for land-transfer tax rebates.

Mortgage Refinance Calculator - Click Here

Determine the benefits and costs of refinancing your mortgage.

Mortgage Penalty Calculator - Click Here

Determine the penalty for breaking your mortgage early.

Debt Consolidation Calculator - Click Here

Determine your savings by combining high interest debt into a loan backed by your home.

Maximum Equity Through Refinance - Click Here

Determine how much home equity you can access through a mortgage refinance.